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Cleo GX Pedicure Spa

Artikel-Nr.: CGLX01
Versandgewicht: 75 kg

Petra RMX-Spa

Artikel-Nr.: PTRMX
2.800,00 *

Neu Cleo GX Bone Spa

Artikel-Nr.: CLEOGX
2.900,00 *
Auf Lager

Toepia GX Pedicure Spa

Artikel-Nr.: TGX00
Toepia GX Pedicure Spa is nicely equipped with finer components making the combined whole a synergy of form and functionality. The durability of “Hard Roc”, the proprietary Glass formulated to add beauty and solidity to the Glass, nestled onto the exquisitely curved base of the Toepia GX Pedicure Spa, makes it the Pedicure Spa of choice by connoisseur of Modern Design.
3.500,00 / Byte *

innerhalb 60 Tagen lieferbar
Versandgewicht: 80 kg

Neu Spa Pedikür Rollcontainer AC11S

Artikel-Nr.: AC-11S

innerhalb 7-14 Tagen lieferbar

Neu Pacific AX Spa

Artikel-Nr.: PCF-AX

Neu Dolphin Spa 9139/BT

Artikel-Nr.: BT9139

Neu CLEO LX 45 Spa

Artikel-Nr.: CLEOLX
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